About the Centre for Municipal and Local Data


In October 2020, Statistics Canada (STC) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) launched a collaboration to improve access, use and reliability of local level data. This partnership aims to:

This partnership's role was of particular importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the need for governments to have access to timely and accurate data was paramount. This is central to addressing the needs of diverse communities – from large, urbanized cities to smaller, rural, northern or remote communities.

Partnerships and collaboration

Together, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Statistics Canada have broadened the discussion of data needs from an original data sharing pilot project with the City of Vancouver and are encouraging the development of a digital platform of statistical products, services, discussion forums and analyses related to relevant topics of municipalities, in order to:


Statistics Canada has engaged in data consultations with municipalities of all sizes and from all parts of the country about data priorities and ways to improve accessibility to municipal level data.

User centric

Statistics Canada delivered data output to selected cities allowing them to address specific priorities related to housing, employment, income, business conditions and infrastructure.

Capacity building

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